Field to chair international composer panel at Warsaw ArtMusFair 2010

I’m honoured to be chairing a composer’s panel for ArtMusFair 2010 at the Polish Music Information Centre, Warsaw on Wednesday/Thursday. It looks an exciting event, and I’ll be exploring with the guest artists how creative individuals define and respond to the challenges of the twenty-first century. That’ll prove interesting!

Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz, live broadcast

Nothing stands still on this project and last night we performed  new versions of  seven pieces. While staying in Offenbach, I was able to get up early and make some wonderful field recordings. The bells of the Kirche St. Maria provided a new delicate and subtle background within the last movement La Dolce Vista, and I was also able to replace some of the older material I’d recorded in Italy some years previously with newer ambiences, giving the piece a unique local flavour.
No web audio snippets this time, as this concert was recorded live by SWR 2 for broadcast in the new year. I have heard the recording and SWR did an amazing job – they captured the extremely fine acoustic with no loss of detail in the live electronics.  Stunning!

Finally, thank you to our audience and the Kultursommer culture and tourism team in Offenbach-Hundheim for your lovely reception.