New sounds for choirs

In memoriam H. M. Górecki: Pod Twoją Obronę was commissioned by the Gaude Mater Festival as the new work in a special event to mark what would have been Górecki’s 80th birthday anniversary. The piece is a long, unfolding of a single vocal line, ending in an enveloping haze of harmony. It is written for 25 singers, one to a part, and the sense of focus changes through the textures as time flows forwards.

This extract is a recording of the premier performance on 1.05.2013 in Gdansk by the national chamber choir of Poland, Polski Chor Kameralny. The work is entirely in Polish and last for 18 minutes. Jan Łukaszewski, conducting.

Press comments: “The Field piece is emotional and expressive. Singers voices intertwine and unravel, creating a shimmering mass of sonic colours. Field translated inspiration not only from Gorecki, but Lutoslawski and Ligeti, into the chorus, giving it a new and involving sound. Listening to his work allows you to move briefly into another dimension. Warmly received by the audience,the Field, and the works of Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki, with excellent execution from Polish Chamber Choir, is a very good debut Czestochowa Festival in Gdansk”
(“Field Góreckiemu” | Dziennik Bałtycki | 06-05-2013)