Being Dufay

Mixed at Rainbow Studio, Oslo.
Produced by Manfred Eicher

Being Dufay is an exploration of new musical territories that can result when old and new are combined.

Four years in the making, the composition is a new setting of vocal fragments by Flemish master Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474), sung by tenor John Potter. Rather than try and ‘update’ Dufay (for his music requires no updating), the concept of this album is to place Dufay’s music in the present tense. In Being Dufay, the fifteenth century lives alongside newer compositional methods.  The soundworld is lush and harmonic, with a beautiful production by Manfred Eicher. Further information and availability from: ECM records

Amazon  Being Dufay reached No 1 on Amazon’s ECM album chart during summer 2009.



A stunning tour-de-force. Chicago Classical Review.22.4.10

Compelling. 5/5 Performance, 5/5 Production. BBC Music Magazine. 06.09 edition

Mesmerising and quite beautiful (5/5)  ClassicFM Magazine. 06.09 edition

One of the most hauntingly beautiful records of the year. 14.05.09

All About Jazz – John Kellman’s Best Releases of 2009



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