Being Dufay in Leipzig

Being Dufay will receive it’s final performance in the current series in April of next year. It takes place at the BMW sponsored A-Capella Festival in Leipzig, Germany on April 26th 2012. It’s an excellent festival who have worked previously with many other ECM artists, so we’re very much looking forwards to it. Being Dufay has now been performed in over 13 Nations, at some really great venues. We’re very thankful to our audience for making this such an enjoyable experience.

I’m working currently on a new vocal music project, which will shortly start being recorded. More news as it develops.

Anagram live at the Tampere festival, Finland

The Tampere festival audience were treated to a preview of a brand new project Anagram yesterday. Anagram is currently nearing the end of preparation, and we wanted to show you some of it live alongside more familiar material. The Anagram project constructs new pieces around the smallest fragments of music by composers who themselves borrowed material from other composers. So I hope they don’t mind this process being done to them! But, the results of this combination are not presented linearly. If you are inclinded towards detective work, you can fit the pieces together. However, like an anagram, it is in the new combination of materials where exciting things start to happen. Anagram is sung by John Potter, with new film by Michael Lynch. Video available shortly.

Parco della Musica performance, Rome.

Some fantastic reviews of this gig in the press and online: here, here, and here.

Outside the wacky and impressive Parco della Musica, Rome. Our auditorium was an excellent indoor space, with a first rate technical team.

At one point, it looked as if the audience was clearly not going to leave after the show!  Here’s some new material we put together live for an encore. Thank you audience, you were fantastic and very welcoming.

And, here’s a clip from Je me complain. A monumentally huge sound in space.

Both clips recorded from the very back of the hall.



As advertised in the national music press, Being Dufay will be playing at the superb Parco Della Musica in Rome this February. We’re extremely delighted to be part of the Contemporanea Festival, and the show will offer some new material and interpretations.



Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz, live broadcast

Nothing stands still on this project and last night we performed  new versions of  seven pieces. While staying in Offenbach, I was able to get up early and make some wonderful field recordings. The bells of the Kirche St. Maria provided a new delicate and subtle background within the last movement La Dolce Vista, and I was also able to replace some of the older material I’d recorded in Italy some years previously with newer ambiences, giving the piece a unique local flavour.
No web audio snippets this time, as this concert was recorded live by SWR 2 for broadcast in the new year. I have heard the recording and SWR did an amazing job – they captured the extremely fine acoustic with no loss of detail in the live electronics.  Stunning!

Finally, thank you to our audience and the Kultursommer culture and tourism team in Offenbach-Hundheim for your lovely reception.