Chicago Early Music Festival

The no-fly zone over Europe due to the recent vocanic erruption has resulted in our flights to Chicago being cancelled. But…

I haven’t had to cancel anything to date, and absolutely don’t intend to leave you in Chicago without anything to go to! So, we’ve created a special, high resolution surround-sound version of the work for the Chicago Early Music Festival performance, which is being sent electronically to the US right now.

As we normally play live in good old stereo, this is the first public opportunity to hear this ‘immersive’ version coupled with the visuals from Mick Lynch’s beautiful film and photographic work. The festival will replay this from dvd with 6 channel, 24-bit audio over their PA and projection for a cinematic presentation.

You’ll get an experience that’s rather different from the CD too — the surround mix uses a new set of materials, and provides a really great feeling of  being “enveloped” in the sound world.  We’re sad not to be there, but hope you enjoy the piece and the rest of the concert too.

Maryanne Amacher tribute, Amsterdam

Currently working on a spatial re-interpretation of some really fantastic music by Maryanne Amacher for presentation at the Planetarium in Amsterdam on Feb 25 by Naut Humon and Edwin van der Heide.

Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam

I’m taking Maryanne’s 12 channel originals from her work at Recombinant Media Labs, and carefully re-distributing the audio channels to fit the 8-channel surround format of the Planetarium.

Vienna Konzerthaus Performance

It’s been a busy first year on the Being Dufay Live project, with some great shows in some spectacular venues:

resonanzen programme - Vienna Konzerthaus

The project launched in 2009 with Being Dufay live at the Vienna Konzerthaus‘ Resonanzen Festival in January.  Later in the year, we played the UK debut at Opera North, in Leeds’ Howard Assembly Rooms.

Italy next, at the fantastic Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo.  Some material also appears on the festival cd:-

Bergamo Festival CD

November light: multichannel video installation

image_403-smallNovember Light was a live multi-channel video and music installation produced for Science City York,  shown at the historic Merchant Adventurers Hall on Nov 19th 2008. The piece used gestural control via a webcam, analysing gestural hand movements in performance and translating these into contours, lines, and textures. The video is projected over several rough wall surfaces in very high resolution, and the music is simple, slowly evolving quiet textures.