Field is interested in tracing parallels between early music and that of our era: in particular the idea that compositions should not be forever fixed and fossilised…  Compelling.
BBC Music Magazine | Five Stars

Along with the subtle sequencing of harmonies, the reflecting sound surfaces [of the church] brought an ebbing melodicism out in the generous space created by the recitative tenor line, sung in Latin. The quartet’s pensive legatos, alternating with energetic shifts of tone, created a solid sound platform that complemented the voice enhancing its lyrical dimension. on Transmission cycle 2014 in Bucharest.

ECM records prove that time and time again they have some really creative artists in their catalog. This new release from Ambrose Field is no exception. For me, it is that sense of huge spaces that pervades all seven pieces and binds them together…  This is not the future for early music, and they don’t try and claim that – but it is a future and one which deserves investigation with this kind of integrity.

Je me complains | live at Parco Della Musica, Rome  26.02.2011  

Field’s poly-tonal pieces create a nouveau set of interlinked works… A sparking gem of an album that instills endearing sentiment and cleverly engineered storylines that touch the heart and warm the soul.
Jazz Review 

Composer Ambrose Field takes cooly beautiful spare Renaissance music.. and filters it through a 21st century prism. A shimmering background and choral haze provide an almost medieval drone of background harmony. The effect is mesmerising and quite beautiful.   [what did they mean by ‘spare [sic] Renaissance music’ I wonder? That there was some kind of surplus?]
Classic FM magazine | 5 stars

Field’s music is subtle, complex and still full of arresting moments… Debussy would love it.
American Record Guide 

Resonant and evocative. From stark soundscapes based around a single pedal point…to heavenly choral, this is music created by the heart as much as the mind.  A classic contemporary work.
All about

 Enough Fieldian modernity to help you appreciate what a modern eye can bring to the most fragmentary of pieces.
Scotland on Sunday

…Field’s vast ethereal soundscapes. This cutting-edge recording remains faithful to the spirit of the 15th Century and comes highly recommended.
Northern Echo

It’s a weird concept.
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