Chicago Early Music Festival

The no-fly zone over Europe due to the recent vocanic erruption has resulted in our flights to Chicago being cancelled. But…

I haven’t had to cancel anything to date, and absolutely don’t intend to leave you in Chicago without anything to go to! So, we’ve created a special, high resolution surround-sound version of the work for the Chicago Early Music Festival performance, which is being sent electronically to the US right now.

As we normally play live in good old stereo, this is the first public opportunity to hear this ‘immersive’ version coupled with the visuals from Mick Lynch’s beautiful film and photographic work. The festival will replay this from dvd with 6 channel, 24-bit audio over their PA and projection for a cinematic presentation.

You’ll get an experience that’s rather different from the CD too — the surround mix uses a new set of materials, and provides a really great feeling of  being “enveloped” in the sound world.  We’re sad not to be there, but hope you enjoy the piece and the rest of the concert too.